Oil and Gas

     TPI of drilling and production equipment

     TPI of transportation and storage systems

     TPI of petrochemical and refinery plants

     TPI of compressor units, pressure vessels, machinery components

     Periodical inspection of industrial plants

     NDT and specific inspections 

    Renewable sources

     TPI of geothermal plants

     TPI of wind turbines 

     TPI of solar systems

     Periodical inspection of wind turbines

      (blades, tower, nacelle, generators)

     Periodical inspection of solar panels

     NDT and specific inspections

    Our Services

    Our portfolio of services is composed of 3 groups of services.

    Third Party Inspection

    • Consulting in Technical specification creation
    • Mill Audits
    • Preproduction meetings
    • Quality plans
    • Inspection during production
    • Documentation check and approval 
    • Release note for shipment
    In Service Inspection

    • Drilling tools 
    • Tubular inspection
    • Hosting equipment
    • Lifting equipment
    • Petrochemical and refinery plants
    • Pipelines 
    • Wind turbines
    • Solar systems

    Site Inspection

    • Construction supervision
    • Welding supervision
    • NDT supervision
    • Corrosion protection
    • FAT
    • Documentation review

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