Bladena – International Conference 2022
Bladena – International Conference 2022

Quick look back at Bladena - International Conference 2022 held at the end of September.

Our team was delighted to spend 3 days in Copenhagen and participate in events organized by Bladena in September.

Short description of programme:

  • Day 1- CORTIR II – Midterm Seminar
  • Day 2 - CORTIR II International Conference - WTG blade risk mitigation & monitoring
  • Day 3 – ReLife Seminar for Wind Turbine Owners on DTU Risø campus

The conference was full of interesting lectures on the latest achievements and novelties in the field of wind turbine blade inspection. Some of the best experts in the field have successfully clarified quite complex issues which are observed on wind turbine blades. Alongside that it was a great place to meet new friends.

Visit to the DTU Risø Campus was especially interesting. The campus and laboratory are under the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), one of the best universities for renewable energy and even the best one in wind energy in particular. Beautiful landscape, state-of-the-art technology and top experts mesmerized our Mario and hours seemed like seconds for him in retrospective.

Knowledge gained on this conference will surely have a profound impact on the quality of our wind turbine blade inspection services. We are thanking our friends at Bladena for organization and all the interesting and nice people which we have met in these 3 days.

We are looking forward to the next one and hope will we see you there!