Bladena – Partners
Bladena – Partners

Airspect signed a Letter of Intent with Bladena for a long-term cooperation where Airspect became an official Market Maker in Croatia and Balkan.

Bladena as a Danish based company with a portfolio of patented technologies and products for structural upgrade of wind turbine blades and a portfolio of Advisory services related to structural aspects of wind turbine blades.

With this collaboration Bladena will promote these solutions and advisory services to the wind turbine aftermarket with the wind turbine owner industry in Croatia and region. Furthermore, Airspect will introduce the Bladena portfolio into sales opportunity on a case-to-case basis.

We believe that this cooperation will help wind turbine owners in better understanding of the problems related to the operation and maintenance issues of wind turbine blades.

This service will certainly increase production and reduce maintenance costs, with a huge benefit for all parties.

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